Update: Boyfriend locked house with girlfriend’s body inside


Nineteen-year-old Shenese Walks, a teacher who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, was left locked inside his Craig, East Bank Demerara house with a knife stuck in her neck.

The 21-year-old boyfriend has reportedly confessed to the crime and claims that he tried to take the knife away from Walks during an argument but ended up stabbing her.

Walks of Linden, Region 10, was staying with her boyfriend at Craig when the tragic incident occurred.
Police Headquarters reported that she was killed sometime between 15:30 hrs on Tuesday and 11:45 hrs on Wednesday.

Police reported that the young couple had a misunderstanding at about 15:30hrs on Tuesday during which, he claimed, she armed herself with a knife. The boyfriend told investigators that he tried to take the knife away from her when she was stabbed.

“The suspect who became afraid secured the house and went away,” the police reported.
He later contacted his brother and told him what transpired.

Police said the brother and an aunt took the young man to the Grove Police Station where he reportedly confessed to the crime.

Investigators had to use force to get into the house and discovered Walks lying on her back, beside a bed with the knife stuck inside her neck.

The woman’s body was subsequently escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home where an autopsy is expected to be carried out.

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