Minor among 4 arrested for $2.4M in cocaine at Bel Air house

The illegal drugs found by CANU (Photo: CANU)

Ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) on Saturday arrested four persons, including an underage boy, following the discovery of 2.292 kg (five lbs) of cocaine and 64 grams (less than a pound) of marijuana.

The discovery was made at a residence in Bel Air Avenue, Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown.

Those in custody are Keith King, 55, who CANU said is no stranger to law enforcement having been charged in the case where cocaine was found in a lumber shipment in 2013; Dexter Stewart, 49; Altheann Lyte, 33, and the minor who cannot be named for legal reasons.

According to CANU, the cocaine has a street value of approximately $2.4 million. All of the suspects are presently in custody pending further investigations.

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