Belle reigns supreme at Bartica Regatta Power Boat Racing


Power Boat Racing made a spectacular return to the Bartica Easter Regatta on Sunday with Rundy Belle stealing the spotlight to be crowned overall champion in the A-Class Formula One category.

Belle was simply outstanding aboard the ‘Team Belle’ boat, powering to victory in all three A-Class Formula One races in front of a massive crowd.

By virtue of an unblemished day of racing, Belle was named overall champion, carting off a trophy and G$500,000, in addition to G$150,000 each for the three victories.

Rundy Belle (left) receives his top prize from a representative of GTT (Photo: Franklin Wilson)

Notably, eight-time champion Dave Scott encountered engine problems with his boat, named Jaguar, in the very first race of the day and had to pull out of the competition.

The B Class (115-200HP) was won by Whitney Welcome, who amassed an overall 14 points, while the C Class (75-90HP) was taken by Sanjay Ramkisson, who accumulated 20 points.

The D Class (25-40HP) produced joint-winners in R. Dookie and Samuel Ramkissoon, while Samuel Mourlie won the E Class (15HP).

Patrons came out in their numbers to witness a spectacular day of racing (Photo: Franklin Wilson)

Below are the summarised results of the day’s races.

Category                    Laps    Name of racer            Name of Boat             Position           Points
Formula 1/Class A      5          Rundy Belle                Team Belle                  1st                    10
Unlimited                                Angel LaCourt            Man of Steel              2nd                   8
Dave Scott                  Jaguar (did not complete)

Class C                       3          S. Ramkisson             Team Shivraj 1          1st                    10
75-90HP                                  S. Ramkisson              Team Shivraj 11         2nd                   8
R. Lochan                   Top Gun                      3rd                    6

Class D                       3          S. Ramkisson             Team Shivraj 11        1st                    10
25-40HP                                  R. Dookie                    Poseidon                     2nd                   8
R. Lochan                   Top Gun                      3rd                    6

Formula 1/Class A    5          Rundy Belle                Team Belle                 1st                    10
 Unlimited                              Angel LaCourt            Man of Steel               2nd                   8
S. Ramkisson              Team Shivraj 1

Class E                       2          S. Mourlie                  Rued Boy                   1st                    10
15 HP
                                      M’ Daniels                  Magic Moment           2nd                   8

Bush Boat                  2          L. Welcome                Sackie                         1st                    10
C; Welcome                B. Scott                       2nd                   8
W. Welcome                                                   3rd                    6

Formula 1/Class A    5          Rundy Belle                 Team Belle                 1st                    10
                               Angel LaCourt            Man of Steel               2nd                   8
S. Ramkisson              Team Shivraj               3rd                    6

Jet Ski                                    W. Welcome                                                  1st                    10

Class B                       4          S. Ramkisson                                                 1st                    10
115-200HP                              L. Welcome                                                    2nd                   8
W. Welcome                                                   3rd                    6

75-90 HP                    3          Sanjay Ramkisson                                         1st                    10
S. Ramkisson                                                  2nd                   8
Ravie Dookie                                                  3rd                    6

Class B                       2          Shawn Jacobs                                                1st                    10
115-200 HP                             Whitney Welcome                                          2nd                   8
Kurt Welcome                                                 3rd                    6

15 HP                          2          S. Kurlie                     Rude Boy                   1st                    10
Shane Peters                                                    2nd                   8
Mark Daniels              Magic Moment           3rd                    6

25-40 HP                                R. Dookie                                                       1st                    10
S. Ramohann                                                   2nd                   8
S. Samaroo                                                      3rd                    6

Jet Ski                                    W. Welcome                                                  1st                    10
S. Sears                                                           3rd                    6

Bush Boat                              L. Welcome                                                    1st                    10
W. Welcome                                                   2nd                   8
K. Welcome                                                    3rd                    6

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