After facing a year of threats, single father severely chopped


After a year of facing threats to his life, a 40-year-old single father of Old England, Region Ten was on Thursday last chopped about his body resulting in his right thumb being severed.

Aubrey Seon, a construction worker, told the News Room that the suspect accused him of tipping off the police about his (the suspect’s) marijuana farm. The man is now fearful for his life and that of his 8-year-old son.

“Thursday night, let we say about 7 o’clock I was waiting on a car to take me down to Linden and this guy was at a shop, he see me and he went home and he come back with a cutlass and just so… he didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to him, and just like that he come and start firing chops at me,” Seon told the News Room.

He was chopped to his chest, both arms and also suffered an open fracture. He was hospitalised since the incident and was discharged on Tuesday.

Seon told the News Room that he believes the suspect set fire to his house in November last year. The house and everything inside were destroyed.

“Them tell me they gone burn down my house.

“One day I left my house and ended up going by one of my friends to take a little walk and when I was there another guy come and tell me my house on fire,” Seon said.

The man said after his home was burnt, he and his son started living with his mother. But now he is fearful for their lives and since this incident, the family is scared to return home.

“I feel insecure, my mother is scared to go back home, cause when I have to work, it is just she alone and I am scared cause I do not know what they are planning,” the man said.

Seon said for the past four months he has been working out of the community, but returned a few weeks before the attack. Now, with school set to reopen soon, he will be unable to send his son to school and as such, is seeking assistance.

“The school ready to reopen and I can’t do anything to help him,” the man said.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Hugh Winter told the News Room that police are on the hunt for the suspect. In relation to the threats and the man’s house being burnt, the Commander said once a report is made, it will be investigated.



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