Man caught on video brutally beating young wife in Charity


Police are investigating the savage beating of a 23-year-old mother of two young children which occurred at Charity, Essequibo Coast over a week ago by her husband.

The entire incident which occurred just after midnight on April 11, was captured on CCTV cameras and relatives told the News Room that the young mother had to receive stitches for injuries to her head.

The victim’s mother told the News Room that she spent two days hospitalised while the man was arrested and later released on station bail.

In the video seen by the News Room, the man repeatedly stomped on his wife’s head after he threw her to the ground; he then proceeded to brace her on a post where he held on to her hair, choked and slapped her.

The man had also ripped off the woman’s shirt and brassiere, leaving her half naked.

The incident occurred at the house of a relative to the suspect; the female relative can be seen holding the couple’s youngest child and looking on as the man savagely beat the young mother. The relative did not intervene at any time.

“I am very disappointed that that woman did nothing to save my daughter,” the distraught mother of the victim told the News Room.

The mother explained that at about 04:00hrs on April 11, she received a telephone call from a nurse at the Charity Hospital that her daughter was assaulted.

“I went there and I saw my daughter in a terrible state, I was made to understand that the man that she lives with, that she has these two children for, he abused her, he assaulted her,” the mother explained.

According to the mother, the abuse has been ongoing since the start of the couple’s relationship five years ago but this is the first time a report was made to the police.

The victim lived in the Lower Pomeroon with her children’s father. On April 11, they travelled to Charity where her husband started drinking and dancing with other women.

At around 20:00hrs, she asked her husband about returning home since she had her children with her but instead, he abused her and so she visited the Charity Police Station.

While there, her daughter was allegedly told by police that she should try to find a relative to stay with and, as such, she decided to wait by her husband’s relative.

Later that same night, the husband then arrived at his relative’s house and started beating the woman.

“She said as soon as the gate opened, he grabbed her, ripped off her shirt and started beating her,” the victim’s mother told the News Room.

The News Room understands that the husband was initially arrested and was later released on $50,000 station bail.

When contacted Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Shivpersaud Bhaccus told the News Room that he will investigate the matter and that ranks found negligent in handling the report will be “dealt with departmentally.”

“If that is so, it was gross neglect,” the Commander said.

Commander Bhacchus told the News Room that the man will be placed before the court and charged soon. The Commander explained that the delay to hear the matter is due to the magistrate not being in the jurisdiction.

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