‘I will stand with you’ – Pres. Ali defends designers of ‘Mandela Harpy Eagle’ 


Following criticisms of the recently erected Harpy Eagle Monument at the center of the new Mandela Avenue roundabout, President Dr Irfaan Ali has thrown his full support behind the creator and designer – Bacif – a local fabrication company.

“I read a lot of comments about an eagle that has been built by Guyanese, hard, young Guyanese workers fabricators. I can take any comment but a lot of them felt badly about some of the comments,” President Ali said during his remarks at the launch of the International Building Expo 2022 on Wednesday evening.

The monument was unveiled just over a week ago and has been a hot topic for Guyanese who have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the design.

While some people are in support of the monument, others believe that it was poorly designed and constructed.

Some have even posted their own design of what the monument should look like, stating that the current monument in no way depicts the Harpy Eagle – Guyana’s largest bird of prey.

“I want those young people [the designers] to know that your President is standing with you and very proud of you, this is not a President who will run away from his soldiers,” President Ali said.

The Head of State emphasised that he will stand with every single Guyanese, even the ones “who don’t get the big picture.”

“I am waiting for you to get in line and when you get in line, we will embrace you with the same enthusiasm we are embracing everyone with now.”

President Ali said he finds it appalling that people push for Guyanese to be involved in shaping the country’s future but when they are given the opportunity, they are met with criticisms.

“Those who believe it’s nice and it is representative of something, their voice is so low that they allow it to be crowded out by the small group of naysayers,” President Ali lamented.

The monument is a replica of an adult size Harpy Eagle and weighs 3,000 pounds; it is 11 feet in height and its wings span 17 feet soaring upwards.

It represents the strength of the country; the wings signify the protection of citizens while the claws are a symbol that will lift the country’s economy to the highest point.

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