Millions in losses for Kwakwani logger following fire


A Kwakwani, Region Ten businessman is counting his losses after a fire completely destroyed the living quarters of his employees and millions of dollars in equipment on Wednesday.

Inshanally Bacchus estimated his losses to be about $20 million.

Bacchus operates a logging concession in Kwakwani; he told the News Room that 11 chainsaws, two outboard engines and several excavators and loader parts were all destroyed in the fire.

Additionally, 12 of his 24 employees are now homeless; fortunately, no one was injured. Bacchus explained that the workers were on a two week break for the Easter Holidays at the time of the fire.

“We don’t have [a] saw to start, all the workers come in, put the saw up and go home.

“Everybody went home for the Easter, normally the saws would be out but we lately buy four from Farfan and Mendes, them saw didn’t event come out of the box yet,” the businessman said.

According to the businessman, a sparking electric post is likely the cause of the fire.

“This morning I get to know they had some sparks on the post,” Bacchus said.

The fire started at about 12:00hrs on Wednesday and quickly engulfed the wooden building; people from the area formed a bucket brigade and tried to extinguish the flames.

The Guyana Fire Service in a press release commended the residents for their “swift action which assisted in saving Mr. Bacchus’s home which is located next to the living quarters.”

Investigations to determine the cause of the fire are ongoing.





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