New medical company seeking to introduce robotic surgery in Guyana


Salus Medical Inc., a local medical distribution company, officially launched on Friday at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown with plans to introduce robotic-assisted surgery to Guyana’s healthcare sector – a first for the region.

The company has already inked agreements with leading and cutting-edge brands in the medical field to advance and modernise healthcare here.

One of the companies on board is Brainlabs; they utilise software technology such as x-ray vision to diagnose patients and navigate through surgeries using a digital replica of the patient’s organs, muscles and tissues. This helps to reduce blindness or paralysis during intricate procedures.

A representative from Brainlab tests out of its equipment (Photo: News Room/April 22, 2022)

Another leading brand, KLS Martin, provides the world’s best implants for skull and facial surgery. KLS Martin also provides specialised patient solutions and has over 30,000 surgical products and instruments.

The company also offers absorbable implants and devices to make bones grow inside the body. Other brands include Nexus which uses technology to detect and remove complicated tumors.

Kamini Persaud, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Salus Medical, told the gathering that they will also facilitate the qualifying and certifying of the most brilliant minds in the medical field.

Medical equipment on display at the launch (Photo: Delano Williams)

Persaud said they will equip them with modern and innovative medical technology to ensure the best medical care with state-of-the-art facilities.

“Salus has and will continue to partner with some of the most dynamic global and affordable brands in the field of medical technology,” Persaud said.

Further, “Salus Medical will be stepping up to play its part to contribute to the ultimate health of the nation.”

Meanwhile, President Dr Irfaan Ali during brief remarks lauded Salus Medical as another positive move by Guyanese.

The Head of State reminded that health and education are the two sectors being targeted in Guyana to be among regional leaders.

“Hopefully, we can make our mark and become global leaders,” President Ali said.

L-R: Prime Minister Mark Phillips, President Dr Irfaan Ali, Salus CEO Kamini Persaud and Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo (Photo: Delano Williams)

The President revealed that the government will continue to support private specialised healthcare. He explained that the government is also cognisant of the necessary legislation needed to transform the sector and referenced the recently passed Human Organ Transplant Bill.

“We are building the sector not only on investment and physical facilities but ensuring that we have the legislative framework to support the macro vision, to ensure health and health services become an important foreign currency earner for us,” President Ali said.

Medical equipment on display at the launch (Photo: Delano Williams)

Quality training of nurses and doctors is also paramount to the development of the health sector.

“Whether it is Mount Sinai or Northwell Health Care we are going to every single facility and every single group that is out there that can help us to achieve this,” President Ali revealed.

The President said the government in recent weeks received several proposals for the establishment of modern home care facilities for the elderly.

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