Deaths at Marriott: Autopsies inconclusive, samples to be sent overseas for testing


Further tests would be needed to determine the cause of death of the two friends– 25-year-old Paishnarine ‘Ritchie’ Hansraj and 34-year-old Justin Teixeira- after the post mortem examinations were inconclusive.

The autopsies were conducted on Monday by government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, two days after the friends were discovered dead inside Teixeira’s car at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown.

Police Headquarters in a statement revealed that stomach contents were removed from both bodies and will be sent overseas for testing.

The bodies were handed over to the relatives for burial.

Meanwhile, the “white hard substance” found in the back seat of the car, which was initially suspected to be narcotics, may now be sodium cyanide – a poisonous compound.

Samples will also be sent overseas to be tested after the substance tested negative for narcotics.

Police had reported that investigators were told by a 28-year-old employee of the Marriot Hotel that he received a telephone call from Teixeira’s 60-year-old mother at around 23:30hrs that her son was having a seizure. The mother asked if someone can check on him.

The hotel employee said he immediately dispatched another employee to check on Teixeira who was a guest at the hotel when it was discovered that the room he was staying in on the sixth floor was empty.

The employee then went to Teixeira’s car where he found the two friends motionless and immediately called 911; both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Teixeira lived at Republic Park, East Bank Demerara. Hansraj is known for his singing and was slated to get engaged next month. He resided at Hague, West Coast Demerara, and was the only son of his parents.

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