Gunman invades Anna Regina store, ties up staff


Three employees of ICAN Technologies at Anna Regina, Region Two have been left in a traumatised state after a lone gunman tied them up and held them at gunpoint during a robbery on Thursday.

The store also houses a MoneyGram and Sure Pay outlet and the News Room understands that the bandit managed to escape with over $700,000 in cash.

Thirty-nine-year old Anand Narine – the owner of the store – told the News Room that the robbery occurred at around 11:25hrs.

He said the bandit pretended to be a customer paying a bill. The suspect was wearing a hoodie, a cap, a backpack and a face mask.

During the robbery, another customer entered the store, saw what was happening and ran out to call for help.

“That is when he [the bandit] run out the store and he jump into a taxi, HC 7997, it’s a whitish with gold wagon,” Narine told the News Room.

One of the employees followed the vehicle but lost track of it around Alliance area.

Meanwhile, police in the region have since set up roadblocks as investigations are underway.

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