GCA receives support from Smalta for female cricket programme


Smalta has committed to aiding the development of female cricket by sponsoring the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) girls programme that bowled off with its orientation on Wednesday afternoon at Malteenoes Sports Club.

At the simple handing over ceremony on Tuesday, Marketing Manager of Guyana Brewery Inc. (GBI) Melinda Telesford shared that “Smalta is big on supporting sport and this is the perfect event to be part of as it promotes the development of not only cricket, but women’s cricket as well.”

President of the Malteenoes Cricket Club and manager of the girls programme, Deborah McNichols, highlighted that “this is perfect for female cricket and I can see this growing into something special where future national cricketers are produced.”

Meanwhile, President of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Neil Barry Snr., shared that “the development of the female game is something we have been lacking and hopefully this kick-starts a nucleus of players that we can develop for the game.”

The programme will cater to young girls from the age of 12 with various venues around Georgetown being utilised for the running of the camp.

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