‘Remember your heritage’ – ERC says in Arrival Day message


See below Arrival Day message by the ERC:

 The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) extends greetings to all Guyanese on the observance of Arrival Day 2022. It commemorates the arrival, at different historical points, of numerous indentured servants in a hodgepodge of diverse cultures to replace slave labor on the sugar plantations.

The role of the colonial power, without argument, was responsible for facilitating a labour supply made up of different faces who made unique contributions. The ERC reiterates the need for Guyanese of all ethnicities to remember their history which has irreversibly shaped our country.

Today, we celebrate the enrichment of diversity that Arrival Day embodies in the shaping of modern Guyana. Arrival Day is most significant for what it represents in the context of the multi-faceted mosaic it created and for which our country is known.

We are multi-ethnic as a result of the untold sacrifices, desires and steadfastness of our ancestors, to practice and preserve their rich and colourful cultural traditions. As One Guyana, it is evident that many participate meaningfully in each other’s festivities that have become truly national observances.

Over time, that rich, beautiful and vibrant diversity has become our strength and common bond in the process of becoming one people, working towards a common destiny.

Happy Arrival Day to all!

Ethnic Relations Commission

May 4, 2022



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