GCB donates over $800,000 worth of cricket gear to UDCA


The Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) has received a significant boost via the donation of cricket gear worth over $800,000 from the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).

A GCB press release on Saturday indicated the donation was made at a recent Annual General Meeting hosted by UDCA, which GCB President Bissoondyal Singh attended.

The UDCA is the body responsible for the conduct of cricket and all cricket-related activities in Region Ten.

The region encompasses a wide area that includes Linden, the Mining and Riverain areas of Berbice and Demerara, and Essequibo.

Singh congratulated the Executive body on behalf of the GCB and DCB and wished them all the best in their term in office and further stated that “Region Ten is close to his heart.”

He mentioned the sacrifices the UDCA made along with the cricket stakeholders during the “turbulent times of the previous GCB administration.”

“The UDCA stood the test of time they were treated badly, were ostracised, and must be applauded.  Many efforts were made to destroy and disband the body, but the UDCA prevailed”, the GCB President voiced.

He also mentioned the contribution made by the legendry Sir Clive Lloyd along with the gathering of some 7000 signatures to help get the Cricket Administration Act to pass.

According to the release, Singh said the GCB is the parent body of cricket in Guyana and deals specifically with the County boards in Demerara, Berbice, and Essequibo, and the UDCA is simply an association that is affiliated with the DCB.

President of the Guyana Cricket Board, Bissoondyal Singh

However, “due to their resilience and the fact that they are now getting off the ground in comparison to the other associations that have been around for years, they must be singled out for special assistance”, the release stated.

“You were stifled for over 11 years by the previous administrators and must be given some attention and the GCB is willing to assist”, Singh lamented.

The GCB President highlighted the recently concluded DCB U 15 Inter-Association Cricket competition, where “for the first time an Under-15 team was selected from region to participate in a cricket competition.”

The release further stated, “What was exemplary about that was the team was selected in two weeks. The players never played Hard Ball Cricket but were eager to play. What is more commendable is that one of the members of the team was selected to participate in the ongoing Inter-County Competition.”

Touching on the donation he said that it is being done to help the Association with gear and equipment needed for training sessions and to play matches. He urged the recipients to make full use of the items donated and look forward to seeing talented players coming from the Region and assured the UDCA that it will not be the last.

The items donated include bats, pads, gloves, stumps, and balls.

The GCB will be moving to implement several activities including training and playing matches across the country. So, it will be prudent for the UDCA to have an adequate quantity of cricket gear and equipment to support the player development plans.

The President mentioned the rolling out of a massive school programme to be undertaken shortly with the training of 150 teachers from 75 primary schools countrywide.

Region Ten he intoned will be an integral part of that programme and the competition will commence at the end of the training sessions.

The GCB President commended the UDCA for having a number of females on board as a part of the executives. Such a move is a good sign, especially for youth and female cricket, and believed “females are passionate in whatever they do, and they will help to stimulate the work of the Association.”

He challenged the Association to have a team ready for all other competitions including Under-17, Under-19, and females among others.

An elated UDCA President, Bradley Fredericks, stated that the UDCA is extremely grateful for such an enormous contribution and said with the donation of the gear it will be easier for them to help administer the game across the Region.

He promised that he and his executives will make full use of the items donated and stressed that his board would continue to create an environment for players to grow and took up the GCB challenge to have teams prepared in time for all upcoming competitions.

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