New programme targets ‘vulnerable parents’ in reducing child abuse


The Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) will soon launch a programme targeting ‘vulnerable parents’ as part of efforts to reduce child abuse and exploitation.

Director of the agency, Ann Greene told the News Room on Monday that the ‘Keeping Children Safe’ programme will focus on helping and training vulnerable parents in parenting and equipping them with skills to help them get jobs.

According to Greene, the programme will run for three years after which a review will be done to determine its success.

“The time has passed for use to be blaming parents, we are not blaming parents, we are building capacity for the parenting role,” Greene explained.

Director of Childcare and Protection Agency, Ann Greene (Photo: News Room/May 09, 2022)

Apart from training and assisting parents, the programme will also target members of every community to help them raise awareness on child abuse and identify perpetrators.

“We are going to educate you, we are going to train you to spot for things you can look out for and for meaningful intervention. As I said, we will never get enough child protection officers but the community, there are our eyes and ears, we got to collaborate more with them,” the Childcare Director emphasised.

The programme will also focus on children being abused, child labour and raising more awareness on recognising and reporting abuse and exploitation in children.

“We’ll be working with the families to find out what really is [going on] and how we can build you in terms of your capacity, your role, even skills training.”

Greene made it clear that no child should be begging on the streets or go to bed hungry. It is expected that with this programme, children will be removed from the streets.

“It will also look to protect from domestic violence and so on, a lot of help could come from the community,” the Director stated.

She urged community members not to lock their doors tighter when they hear a noise, noting that “perhaps you can look out and call and say what is going on and you might able to save a life.”

Greene further explained that this is not an invitation for community members to confront perpetrators themselves.

Meanwhile, Greene also reminded that there is a process to be followed when persons report abuse.

“All work here at Childcare is governed by the law, the child protection laws that sets out the work of the agency and the work of the Child Protection officers.”

She is hoping with the introduction of such programmes, there will be an impact in reducing abuse of children.



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