‘Objectives aligned’ – Finance Minister says PSC a ‘highly valued partner’


Thirty years after the formation of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) in Guyana, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh on Thursday said that the government’s objectives for development are now aligned with similar objectives in the private sector.

Dr. Singh made the comment as he addressed the PSC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown.

The senior minister in the Irfaan Ali government said the administration sees the private sector as a highly valued and cherished partner in national development.

“We see the government and private sector not as sitting on opposite sides of the table but on the same side because our objectives aligned,” Dr. Singh said.

Chairman of the PSC Paul Cheong and Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh at the AGM (Photo: Keno George/May 12, 2022)

Dr. Singh said the governing People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) reposes enormous importance in the business community as is evident from measures in its annual national budgets.

“It can only be a good thing for Guyana. We will continue to maintain policy frameworks that are conducive to the growth and expansion of the private sector and the creation of jobs, the generation of income and the creation of wealth,” the Finance Minister added.

Dr. Singh assured those present that the government believes strongly in the role the private sector plays in Guyana’s future.

“A partnership committed to ensuring the rapidly growing and highly competitive, world-class, highly diversified economy in Guyana.”

Dr. Singh used the occasion to recognise the contributions of the late Dr. Yesu Persaud to the formation of the PSC and his role in national economic and commercial life.

“To say he was iconic is really an understatement that could not possibly do justice toot the fullness of his contribution.

“Not everyone can be a Yesu Persaud and there are quite a few others who played an instrumental role in the founding of this remarkable institution,” Dr. Singh noted.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the PSC Paul Cheong said the Commission over the last year was intentional in forging ahead with building and maintaining partnerships with the government.

“The Private Sector Commission is very optimistic about Guyana’s future, given that the government has already laid the foundation for massive economic growth, expansion of the private sector and the creation of jobs with the plans and programmes outlined in the National 2022 Budget,” Cheong said.

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