Amelia’s Ward squatters allocated house lots


As promised, a team from the Central Housing & Planning Authority, led by the Chief Executive Officer, Sherwyn Greaves returned to Linden, Region Ten, where they allocated 14 squatters with a house lot at Amelia’s Ward–Phase Four.

These 14 people had their structures demolished last week because they were occupying lands earmarked for infrastructural development.

“This allocation will bring significant improvement to the lives of the allottees, as they will now be able to obtain Certificates of Title/Transports and have legal access to potable water, electricity and other amenities,” the Ministry of Housing and Water revealed in a press release on Friday.

Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority Sherwyn Greaves

Given the short notice for the allocation, Greaves explained that the allottees will be given one month to commence payment. A team will also be returning to Linden to commence an evaluation process for the demolished structures.

During the demolition exercise, some 20 structures, including foundation and column, fences and two habitable structures had to be taken down since they fell in the path of an access road which will be built.

The ministry noted that these structures were recently constructed, as an occupational survey done in 2021, revealed that no structures were in the path of the road at the time.

Some of the squatters waiting to pull their number for the house lot

Persons squatting in the area were also advised against erecting new structures, and making additions to existing structures.

Some $364 million has been allocated for infrastructure works in Amelia’s Ward. The new road will serve as the main access to approximately 500 residential house lots.

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