Driver involved in Land of Plenty accident in custody


Danesh Narine, 34, the driver involved in the Land of Plenty, Region Two accident on Friday morning is in police custody.

A 34-year-old man identified as Seenauth Mohamed and his 18-year-old son Suraj were on a motorcycle when they collided with Narine at about 07:58 hrs.

Police Headquarters reported that Seenauth sustained lacerations to his head while Suraj suffered a fractured left foot. The two men are admitted to the Suddie Public Hospital.

According to the police report, Narine was driving motorcar PVV 2033 heading north on the western side of the road while the father and son were proceeding in the same direction on motorcycle CE 8907. The motorcycle was being driven by Seenauth.

The accident scene on Friday (Photo: News Room/May 13, 2022)

Narine claimed that he attempted to turn right when Seenauth overtook another vehicle behind him and collided with the rear side of the car.

CCTV footage captured the entire incident and shows when Narine failed to stop before turning right, resulting in the collision with the motorcycle.

The father and son were thrown onto the roadway and were picked up by public-spirited persons and taken to the hospital.

The News Room understands that both father and son are employees at Golden Fleece Rice Investment.

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