Team Mohamed’s gifts electric wheelchair to Georgetown man


“I feel very great, it is a long time I have been trying to achieve one like this and no one was helping me; I feel very happy and feel like everything is pulling through right now.”

Those were the words of an ecstatic Gordon Ross, a resident of Princes Street, Georgetown, who received an electric wheelchair from Team Mohamed’s, compliments of their principal, Azruddin Mohamed, on Friday.

Gordon Ross takes the new electric wheelchair for a ride

Ross, 52, has been in a wheelchair for close to four years after he pinched a nerve on his lower spine while he was coming down a mountain with a heavy load of goods.

Ross worked as a courier for supplies to the interior regions, and now sells masks and umbrellas to earn a livelihood.

“I live with some friends after nobody wanted to me and I try to earn so I can give them something.”

According to Ross, the manual wheelchair was most times unable to withstand the rigors of being on the road, and ideally, it was just for him to visit the hospital for treatment.

Ross still believes he can walk again and indicated he would have to do some scans to see if surgery is possible.

Meanwhile, Azruddin Mohamed indicated the company is serious about seeking to help those in need, and after hearing the story of Ross, he was moved to offer assistance.

“I always say, those who are in a position to help, so should do so, little gestures like these can transform lives of persons, and I certainly hope that Mr. Ross will be in a better position going forward,” Mohamed stated.

The businessman further indicated he has taken notice of persons who would “rob” or be mischievous to Ross, noting “they should look to push him in his wheelchair rather than take the little that he has; people should treat each other better.”

In May, another section of the media reported that due to Ross’ inability to walk and selling in the wheelchair, he become the victim of a robbery on several occasions.

“I was robbed three to four times since I start selling. Last month they take away my phone, they take my money. I had umbrellas that I was selling, all that they take away, the music box they take, actually everything from me.”

The man said that he is currently trying to open a shed in front of his home to expand his business of selling coconut water.

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