Corentyne man found guilty of killing 25-Y-0


Samuel Stewart called ‘Sammy’ was on Tuesday found guilty of the 2017 fatal stabbing of Limlair Village, East Berbice Corentyne resident, 25-year-old Patrick Raynol called ‘Boy.’

Stewart, formerly of Salton Village, also on the Corentyne, was on trial at the Berbice High Court before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall for the capital offence.

He had denied murdering Raynol on June 16, 2019, at Limlair Village.

The jury, after deliberating for over two hours on Tuesday, found Stewart not guilty of murder and guilty of manslaughter.

The judge ordered that a probation report is prepared for Stewart and deferred sentencing to June 16, 2022,

According to reports, on the day in question at about 23:00hrs, Stewart and Raynol were involved in an argument at a popular drinking spot at Limlair.

The News Room had reported that the disagreement stemmed after Raynol came to the defence of a relative who Stewart initially had a dispute with.

An argument followed and Raynol allegedly struck Stewart with an object.   Stewart armed himself with a knife and stabbed Raynol in the chest.  The injured man attempted to run but only made it a short distance before collapsing on a heap of sand.

Stewart was subsequently arrested and later charged.

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