‘Deliver what you promise’ – Croal issues stern warning to real estate agents


Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal has issued a stern warning to real estate agents to deliver what they promise to customers, noting that the government is paying attention and will do everything possible to protect citizens and investors.

“Let me warn this sector; persons who invest their hard-earned money expect to get what they’re promised,” Croal said while delivering remarks at the launch of Century 21, a real estate firm, on Wednesday.

The Housing Minister highlighted that he has heard stories of real estate agents taking advantage of unsuspecting clients.

“We must avoid selling dreams to clients that do not exist. In simple terms, don’t put a whole roof garden in the picture and then don’t even have some grass to show,” Croal said.

The Housing Minister emphasised that the government is paying attention to the market and will do whatever is possible to protect citizens and investors from being duped.

Just last month, Croal told the News Room that the ministry has received several complaints of people who have been fooled into buying lands and houses and urged the aggrieved parties to assist the police with statements to prosecute the matters.

“I want to encourage persons to do the right thing. When you’re making payments or being approached by anyone…I’ve even had complaints about people approaching to sell lands, using officers’ names and ministers’ names etc,” he had told the News Room.

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