18 years jail for labourer who raped girl, 15


A 37-year-old labourer was on Tuesday sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for raping a 15-year-old girl in 2018.

Aduke Josiah of Plum Park, Sophia Greater Georgetown, was sentenced by Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Demerara High Court.

Last month, a 12-member jury found Josiah guilty of raping the minor on August 18, 2018.

On Tuesday, while delivering her sentencing remarks, Justice Sewnarine-Beharry said that she considered the psychological trauma the incident has caused the victim.

The Judge also considered that Josiah breached the victim’s trust and has not expressed remorse since he still maintains his innocence.  In the end, the Judge sentenced Josiah to serve 18 years imprisonment.

He was represented by attorney-at-law Clyde Forde while the state was represented by Prosecutor Caressa Henry.

According to reports, Josiah is known to the victim and her family; on the day in question, he visited their home and the child was left in his care when he raped her.

In her impact statement, the victim said, “I felt very painful and ashamed. I also felt very depressed. This incident left me feeling very shameful with all the people that found out my story.”

The victim also disclosed that she was ridiculed and tormented by his family members, who accused her of fabricating the story.

“I feel satisfied that Aduke Josiah was found guilty because he took something from me that was not for him. He made me live with that memory repeating over and over in my head every day of my life,” the victim said in her statement.

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