Stray Catcher’s Unit disbanded; communities, NDCs now responsible – Benn


Local communities and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) are now responsible for the removal of stray animals on the roadways after the Ministry of Home Affairs disbanded the Stray Catcher’s Unit.

A new unit has since been formed – the Utility Services Unit. This unit will deal with a broader scope of work for the group of persons who were employed in the Stray Catcher’s Unit.

At the side lines of an event on Monday at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown, Subject minister Robeson Benn told the News Room that after years of existence, the unit did not prove to be helpful.

“We do not believe that this Stray Catcher’s Unit was helpful.

“The stray catchers [were] summoned into NDCs to do work which persons in those NDCs should be dealing with,” Minister Benn explained.

The Home Affairs Minister explained that the unit faced a plethora of allegations relating to “wrongdoings” and caused “tremendous trouble.”

And as a result, the ministry decided that it is in the best interest for everyone that the NDCs and residents deal with the issue of stray animals.

In the past, members of the unit were observed in several violent altercations with residents across the country and some were even accused of stealing animals from people’s yards.

It should also be noted that stray animals are often a threat to drivers on the roadways and have been the cause of road accidents; they are also known to damage properties.

“It has to be treated at the local level in the communities. We do not want to undermine local government in the communities,” Minister Benn said.

However, Benn said the ministry will intervene if stray animals are seen on major highways.

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