Families relocate as flood waters rise in Kwakwani


Kwakwani in Region Ten (Upper Demerara – Berbice) is once again flooded after days of heavy rainfall.

Several families had to relocate while others chose to remain in the upper flats of their homes, the Neighbourhood Democratic Council Vice Chairman, Cort Simeon told the News Room on Wednesday.

In 2021, Kwakwani experienced unprecedented flooding that devastated hundreds of residents, but despite this, the Vice Chairman said no preparations were made for this year’s rainy season.

The News Room understands that the water rose by four feet over the past two days.

The Vice Chairman related that Lamp Island, a section of Kwakwani, is most affected by the flooding. Simeon said several families had no choice but to leave their houses.

“[About four families] had to move out completely while the other homes are under water but if the water continue rising over the next week or so, they might have to move,” Simeon said.

Flooding in Lamp Island, Kwakwani (May 25, 2022)

The Regional Democratic Council has identified two buildings in Kwakwani which need renovations before it can be used as shelters.

The Vice Chairman said that the school buildings were used as shelter in the previous flood, but due to the reopening of schools, the buildings are occupied now.

Simeon said while the NDC stands ready to evacuate residents, other support is needed such as a flood relief for the affected families.

A resident of Lamp Island, Marvin Rogers also spoke with the News Room and explained that the floodwaters from last year did not completely recede, however, it did not disrupt the lives of the residents until now.

“The water is under [my] house and you less access to moving about…you always have to use a boat now,” Rogers said.

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