Man who constantly abused ex-wife found dead after shot by cop


The body of a man discovered at Riverview, Ruimveldt, Georgetown on Wednesday morning has been identified as Deanraj Singh, a 30-year-old man also known as Steve Singh. He died after a confrontation with a police officer on Tuesday night.

Police Headquarters reported that Singh was abusive towards his ex-wife. Though the woman was granted a protection order against Singh in June 2021, he reportedly continued to visit her house and abuse her. The most recent incident was on May 15, the police said.

It was also reported that the man was charged criminally for the offences of break and enter larceny, and assault, and two arrest warrants were issued for both offences. He also has several criminal charges pending against him, the police detailed on Thursday.

On Tuesday, however, when Singh went to the woman’s house, in violation of the protection order and abused her, she reported the incident to the Ruimveldt police stattion.

Police ranks, including a member of the neighbourhood police group, reportedly responded to the report. And it was noted that one officer was carrying a .38 revolver and six live rounds.

When those officers visited Riverview, where Singh and some of his friends were imbibing, Singh reportedly ran into a house, jumped through a window and dashed towards the Demerara river.

He was followed by the officers and his ex-wife.

Soon after, based on an officer’s account, Singh was seen with an object in his right hand and an explosion was heard soon after.

Resultantly, that officer immediately discharged two rounds in Singh’s direction. The officer then reported seeing Singh run and jump into the Demerara river.

The officers on site reportedly searched the area for Singh, but he was not found.

On Wednesday morning, at around 06:45 hrs, however, a Riverview fisherman identified as Deonarine Boodhoo discovered Singh’s body lying facedown on the mudflat.

The body was examined by crime scene technicians who discovered one suspected gunshot wound on the right side of his abdomen. Singh’s is at the mortuary pending an autopsy.

Meanwhile, Police Headquarters also reported that the area was searched but no trace of the suspected firearm was discovered.

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Office of Professional Responisbility (OPR) is investigating the incident. As part of the investigation, samples from the hands of both the deceased and the police rank, as well as clothing were collected for the examination of gun powder residue.

The firearm, ammunition and spent shells were marked, sealed, and delivered to the Ballistic Department for analysis. Statements have also been collected as the OPR investigation continues.

The rank is presently under close arrest, pending the outcome of the investigation

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