Father of four shot dead in Sophia


A 43-year-old father of four was shot dead by a lone gunman at about 21:40hrs on Thursday while liming in front of his ‘D’ Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown house. Dead is Collin McPherson, a driver attached to the Ministry of Health.

Police Headquarters revealed in a statement that McPherson and others were liming in front of his yard when the incident occurred.

An eyewitness, who lives in the same house as McPherson, told police that he was inside when he heard a loud explosion and then saw McPherson running inside and started shouting ‘close the door’.

According to the eyewitness, the gunman was dressed in a blue shirt, dark-coloured pants, slim and fair in complexion, and was wearing a blue facemask.

After seeing the gunman, the eyewitness said he ran into a bedroom in the house and left McPherson in the living room during which two more gunshots were heard and then there was silence.

When the eyewitness emerged from the bedroom, he saw McPherson lying motionless.

McPherson’s 18-year-old son, his 13-year-old daughter, his nephew and two other teenagers were home at the time of the shooting.  They all ran and hid when the gunman entered the house.

An emergency medical technician pronounced McPherson dead at the scene.

Police said two 9MM spent shells were recovered while CCTV footage will be reviewed.

Police said several persons were also interviewed and statements were taken. The body was escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy as investigations continue.

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