Better Hope fight leaves engineer, 31, dead


Neil Rampersaud, a 31-year-old engineer of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was allegedly murdered Sunday morning during a fight with a 40-year-old man from Victoria Road, Plaisance, ECD.

Police Headquarters reported that at around 06:35 hrs, the suspect and a 42-year-old carpenter, Mohan Panchu, were involved in an altercation.

It is alleged that the suspect armed himself with a steel rod and stabbed Panchu, who is now seeking medical attention.

After that altercation, Rampersaud, who lives in the same street with Panchu, confronted the suspect in the vicinity of Zahora Street at around 07:38 hrs.

Rampersaud reportedly told the suspect that he had to go to the police station for wounding Panchu.

Rampersaud and the suspect then got into a misunderstanding during which he lashed the suspect about his body. The suspect, who was armed with a ‘coconut blade’, retaliated and stabbed Rampersaud in the upper left side ribs area, causing severe injuries.

Rampersaud was subsequently escorted to the Woodlands Hospital where he succumbed while receiving medical treatment. His body was then taken to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy.

Meanwhile, the suspect was arrested and is presently in custody at the Sparendaam Police Station. Police officers also have in their possession the ‘coconut blade’ which they took from the suspect.

Investigations are ongoing.

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