Wakenaam logger shot dead by co-worker


A 29-year-old logger was reportedly shot dead by his co-worker on Saturday after he intervened in an argument between the suspect and another logger at Tiger Creek along the Essequibo River.

Dead is Rohit Hansraj, called ‘Master’, of Wakenaam.

Police Headquarters reported that at about 14:00hrs on Saturday, Hansraj and other workers employed with Toolsie Persaud Logging Company were imbibing when the suspect approached one of the workers and accused him of looking at his wife.

Police said Hansraj intervened and managed to get the suspect to return to his cabin.

Shortly after, he returned with a shotgun and an argument ensued during which Hansraj was shot to his left shoulder.

After the shooting, the suspect escaped into some nearby bushes with the firearm.

Hansraj was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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