Men shoot at farmer who refused to sell them eggs


A 64-year-old farmer was reportedly shot at by two men after he refused to sell them eggs on Tuesday at Swan Village, Soesdyke Linden Highway.

The incident occurred at about 21:05hrs, Police Headquarters reported.

The farmer, who is a licensed firearm holder and who owns a 12-gauge barrel shotgun, also discharged a round at the suspects.

According to the police report, the farmer operates a mini grocery shop and at about 19:30hrs, he closed the shop and ventured inside his house to prepare a meal.

Shortly after, he heard someone calling for him and observed the two suspects who inquired about purchasing eggs.

The farmer told the men that his shop was already closed, but the suspects pleaded with him to sell them and after he refused, one of the suspects reportedly took out a handgun, pointed it at the farmer and discharged a round.

“The farmer manage to take evasive action, in the process reaching for his licensed firearm (shotgun) and discharged a single round in their direction,” the police reported.

The suspects managed to escape in an unknown direction. Police said one 12-gauge shell was recovered.

Investigations are ongoing.

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