1,000 Guyana-made houses to support ‘housing revolution’ in Barbados


As part of a deepening relationship between Guyana and Barbados, 1,000 Guyana-made wooden houses will be constructed and exported to that island, the Head of DuraVilla home Rafeek Khan has said.

DuraVilla homes is a Guyanese company whose reputation has been growing due to its ready-made wooden houses. It is expected that by next year, 1,000 houses will be constructed and exported by this company in collaboration with Barbados’ National Housing Corporation (NHC).

A 600 square-foot, two-bedroom house, which was equipped with a solar energy system, was on display at the recently concluded agro-fest in Barbados. There, Khan said that there was constant interest in the house with more than 1,000 visitors in two days.

And he believes that with this new project, many more stakeholders, and not just DuraVilla homes, will benefit. This is so because the company will be collaborating with other local manufacturers to create various fittings and fixtures.

“(We) will allow producers throughout the value chain to benefit,” Khan, who is also the Head of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) said.

Patrons lining up at the Barbados’ agro-fest to view the DuraVilla modern house (Photo courtesy of Rafeek Khan)

The company aims to create at least 30 houses each month. Ultimately, however, the company is eyeing a larger market share as the demand for housing in Barbados grows. He believes that expanded production can contribute significantly to Guyana’s economy.

Already, he posited, “… Barbados’ order alone for 1,000 houses, perhaps, could increase our (forestry) overall exports from Guyana by as much as 25 or 30 per cent.”

Barbadian Minister of Housing and Lands Dwight Sutherland, during an interview at the recent agro-fest, stated that the acquisition of these houses is needed to support the island’s housing demand.

President Irfaan Ali (left), Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley (right) and DuraVilla’s Rafeek Khan interacting in the model home during the recently concluded agro-fest in Barbados (Photo courtesy of Rafeek Khan)

“We are providing low-income housing options with what we call the greatest housing revolution to ever occur in this country.

“I am tasked as minister to build 10,000 houses,” Sutherland highlighted.

The News Room understands that the modern houses, valued at about $10 million, will be provided primarily to low-income earners in Barbados.

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