South Ruimveldt residents blame contractors for deplorable road


Residents along David Rose Street, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, have complained about the deplorable state of the roads and have laid the blame solely at the feet of contractors who executed works at the Eccles to Mandela four-lane highway.

During a visit to the area, the News Room observed that the David Rose Street which leads to the back of South Ruimveldt is riddled with huge holes.

Residents said that the roads were left in that state because of the trucks and machinery which traversed the road during the construction of the highway.

According to Gary Piggot, a resident for 43 years, when he first moved there the roads were not as badly damaged.

Vehicles traversing David Rose Street, South Ruimveldt (Photo: News Room/ June 2, 2022)

Noel (only name given), who was visiting a relative in the area, pleaded with those responsible to urgently fix the roads.

“The heavy-duty vehicles traverse this road, break it up and contractors promise as soon as they finish the Mandela/Eccles road, they will do back this road.”

Meanwhile, Jason Anthony, another resident who has been living there for just three months, said it has been very difficult traversing the road due to the gaping potholes which cause damage to vehicles.

Anthony said the situation becomes worse when it rains and taxi drivers would refuse to traverse the area.

Meanwhile, Robin Cole, a taxi driver from the area, stated that numerous attempts were made by residents to get the relevant authorities to fix the road but it was futile.

Efforts made by the News Room to contact the contractors involved proved futile.

One of the huge potholes on David Rose Street, South Ruimveldt (Photo: News Room/ June 2, 2022)
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