Missing man’s sister feels ‘at ease’ after meeting with Top Cop


By Isanella Patoir


Silvie Williams says she now feels more at ease after she was assured by the Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken that she would be provided thorough updates about the investigation into the disappearance of her brother who was struck down on the Enmore Public Road, East Coast Demerara some two weeks ago.

Williams met with the top cop on Monday.

“I feel much more at ease, because of what they told me, because it was five of them and those high-level police officials, like the Commissioner, the Crime Chief, the inspectors and so forth,” Silvie told the News Room.

It is now two weeks since 50-year-old Reonol Williams known as ‘Ram’ of Enmore, has been missing. Reonol was struck down on May 23; he was picked up by the driver of the car that hit him down and the driver reportedly told eyewitnesses that he was taking the injured man to the hospital.

Reonol was never taken to any hospital and his family has been unable to locate him since; they are in constant turmoil trying to figure out whether he is dead or alive.

“The Commissioner of Police assured me that they are still doing the investigation and they are going to call me in 24-hours; I am waiting for the 24-hours for the call,” Silvie told the News Room.

The car that was involved in the accident

She related that during the meeting on Monday, the police outlined in detail everything that was done by investigators since the accident.

The family started a Facebook page – Let’s Find Reonol – hoping to get any information that will lead to finding him, but Silvie said no information has been forthcoming.

“So far, no information, no one called.”

The family has also hired a lawyer, Bernard DaSilva to represent them and the News Room understands that DaSilva will offer his services bro-bono.

Following the accident, photos surfaced where a red fielder wagon with license plates PAB 2552 was captured next to Reonol’s body. Reonol was observed lying on the road in a bloodied state; he was wearing blue long pants and a grey vest.

The family has been searching hospitals, mortuaries, and funeral homes for Reonol since he disappeared. Relatives also formed a search party and have been checking drains and back dams along the east coast.

Meanwhile, the car that was involved in the accident was found abandoned, without license plates at the back of Haslington a day after the accident.

Relatives claimed that the car is badly damaged and traces of blood were found inside. It is now impounded at the Cove and John Police Station.

When contacted on Friday last, Regional Commander Khali Pareshram told the News Room that they are working with the Police Legal Advisor in the investigation.

Commander Pareshram said one person was arrested and released on station bail. When questioned further if it was the driver behind the wheel or the owner of the car, the Commander did not want to say.

Relatives held a vigil on Wednesday last at the spot where Reonol was struck down. Persons held placards that read ‘Where is Reonol’ and ‘Justice for Reonol’.





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