Over 3,000 vulnerable women expected to benefit from WIIN 2022

-Human Services Ministry hosts massive outreaches in Regions 5 and 6


The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, through the Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) is set to upskill over 3,000 vulnerable women across Guyana as courses roll out for 2022.

Registration for seven, free and internationally accredited courses in both introductory and intermediate levels, officially got underway on Friday last as the ministry hosted two massive outreaches in Regions Five and Six.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud conceptualized WIIN back in 2021 and since then, it has has seen over 2,000 women trained.

She noted the value of this training is unequivocal.

“This free training programme has an excellent plus, which is, that you don’t need anything to access the programme. In other words, you don’t need CSEC you don’t need anything to get into the programme. All I ask you is to start it and finish it, nothing else. So don’t come one day and drop off the next day, stay for the entirety. We are catering for over 3000 persons this year,” Minister Persaud said.

Minister Persaud outlined that the ministry is one that follows through in getting you from an idea to a sustainable business with every aspect catered for under the programme.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud handed over several assistive aids to persons living with disabilities

“I’ve never believed in training people and not thinking what will happen to the persons who have been trained…So, what do I mean by that? What do you do with your training?

“We want to teach you to create opportunities. We want to teach you how to become entrepreneurs. We want to teach you how to start your own business, how to grow your own business and how you can sustain your own business, age, no barrier, everyone is welcome,” Minister Persaud said.

From there, persons can access the business incubator for step-by-step assistance, free marketing with the WIIN app and even access to funding.

To register, simply follow the link on the Ministry’s website (MHSSS.gov.gy) or the Ministry’s Facebook page. For more information contact 229-2751 or 229-2842.

Meanwhile, Minister Persaud was also flocked by over 700 residents in the two regions who offered words of gratitude for the work she and her team have been doing throughout the country and asked questions that were pertinent to them.

The ministry rolled out a vital exercise targeting persons with disabilities who benefitted from several assistive aids including wheelchairs, walking sticks and hearing aids while also getting valuable information on accessing funding and training.

The minister told the gatherings, “We’re here for persons living with disabilities. We’ve not left anyone out. In addition to what we are providing in terms of support aids, we’re also providing training to persons who are living with disabilities. We would have started this initiative late last year and are continuing it. Why? Because persons living with disabilities have dreams, they want to have jobs, they want to be a part of everything else.

“We are providing the same opportunity that parallels the WIIN programme, not only the assistive aids and the training. There is a revolving fund for people living with disabilities who would like to start their own businesses.”

The ministry also had officers from the different departments including Childcare and Protection Agency, Public Assistance, Old Age Pension, Domestic Violence Unit and Gender Affairs Bureau to offer support to citizens who had questions.

“This morning we are here for many reasons and the significant thing is that the ministry has always been one which reaches out to people outside of the office, outside of the confines of structures and institutions, because it is my personal belief that we need to take services to all the people of Guyana. We have started with you, Region Six this morning,” Minister Persaud said. (Extracted and modified press release from Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

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