Months later: skeletal remains found, man confesses to double murder


Months after two men, identified as Geraldo Vieira De Souza and Edivaldo Alves Da Silva, went missing at Gold Camp Backdam, Mount Ayangana, Potaro River, in Region Seven, their skeletal remains have been found.

The main suspect, Lyfrey Alban, is in police custody, and has since confessed to the double murder.

Police were only recently made aware of the double murder after a villager reported it months later.

The News Room understands that on Friday, June 10, Alban was interviewed at the Madhia Police Station where he gave a written caution statement and admitted to shooting both men.

The incident reportedly occurred between March and April 2022 at Gold Camp Backdam.

Lyfrey reportedly claimed that a “Macushee man” called ‘Jackie Chan’ from Brazil offered him $2 million to kill Geraldo Vieira De Souza and Edivaldo Alves Da Silva.

He told police the “Macushee man” claimed that the duo killed his son in Brazil.

Lyfrey, armed with a 20-gauge shotgun, shot both men at their camp.

The “Macushee man” reportedly took Lyfrey’s shotgun, went away and never returned to pay him.

Lyfrey, when arrested at the same camp, was found with an illegal 20-gauge single barrel shotgun.

He remains in custody and is expected to be charged in the new week for the double murder.

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