Berbice labourer, 28, found dead in hammock


Alan Padmore, a 28-year-old labourer also called ‘jockey boy’ was found dead on Monday in a hammock at his Armadale Village, Bushlot residence on the West Coast of Berbice (WCD).

He was found with a piece of the hammock’s cloth wrapped around his neck.

Police Headquarters reported that the man died sometime between 09:00 hrs on Sunday and 08:00 hrs on Sunday.

Based on enquiries, the man lived with his reputed wife, four-year-old son and father-in-law. The man’s wife told police officers that he left for work at about 08:00 hrs Sunday morning.

The woman related that she last spoke to Padmore at about 09:00 hrs on Sunday via video chat. Later that night, the woman and her son went to bed after Padmore did not return home.

The next day, however, at about 08:00 hrs, she woke up and found Padmore lying motionless in the hammock under the shed. The piece of the hammock’s cloth wrapped around his neck.

Police officers were alerted and they subsequently visited the scene where the man’s body was examined. There was an impression seen under his neck, suspected to be caused by the piece of hammock cloth.

No other marks of violence were seen on the exposed parts of the man’s body, police said. The man’s hands were swabbed and nail clippings were taken for DNA purposes.

Meanwhile, the body was later escorted to Fort Wellington Hospital, where an official pronouncement of death was given. Padmore’s body is presently at the Bailey Funeral Home awaiting a postmortem examination.

Investigations are ongoing.


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