Gov’t to build 500 houses, provide house lots to teachers, upgrade roads & schools in Reg. 7


By Kurt Campbell

President Dr Irfaan Ali continued his countrywide outreaches on Wednesday where he met with hundreds of residents in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

There, he outlined his government’s strategic vision for the region but he also announced other immediate investments by the government to provide housing, while at the same time improving education, health and economic activity in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni district.

In response to a request for housing, Dr. Ali said the government has secured 120 acres of land in Bartica which will be to construct some 500 houses for young professionals.

President Dr Irfaan Ali with students upon his arrival in Bartica (Photo: Office of the President/June 15, 2022)

He said representatives from the Ministry of Housing and Water will meet with residents by the end of August.

The government’s intention is to use labour and construction services from the region to develop the land and construct the 500 houses.

“That will not only deliver housing, but it will create tremendous opportunities in the value chain,” Dr. Ali said while addressing residents at the Bartica Center Ground.

Dr. Ali also announced plans to provide house lots to teachers in the region.

In addition to this, the President said his government will be working on the infrastructural transformation of the region.

“The plan is to have all the communities on outskirts linked with good infrastructure to the center of Bartica…I have already given instructions on my journey and these are commitments that we want to see completed before the end of the year,” the President noted.

A section of the gathering at the meeting with President Dr Irfaan Ali at the Bartica Center Ground (Photo: Office of the President/June 15, 2022)

Soon after landing at the Five Mile airstrip, the President stopped at several schools where he met with teachers who submitted different requests for improvement.

Among the schools to benefit from these improvements are the Precious Gem Nursery, St. John the Baptiste Nursery, Future Builders Nursey, Bartica Secondary School and the Two-Mile Secondary Schools.

“I get it, I understand that in every phase of development there will be greater aspiration from the people of this country…there are many challenges but we have no other choice but to overcome and deliver One Guyana and prosperity,” Dr. Ali added.

He said his vision is for Region Seven to become a major logistics hub for the mining sector but in order to do this, the region must produce more food and services.

“…and we need to do it in a structured way because we already have investment catering for these services but it is not structured. The government will show you how to use technology and improve your ability to produce more food.

“Not only as an agricultural activity but an economic one to improve disposable income…our task as the government is to put more disposable income in the pockets of people.”

A section of the gathering at the meeting with President Dr Irfaan Ali at the Bartica Center Ground (Photo: News Room/June 15, 2022)

The Head of State also announced that there will also be upgrades to the airstrips in addition to improving the region’s health facilities and tourism potential.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali said his announcements are outside of investments already made and monies set aside for Region Seven’s development in the 2022 National Budget.

Among the government’s interventions, supported by budgetary allocations, are $1.7 billion for infrastructure works, millions of dollars in relief for children by the issuance of grants and allowances, increases in old-age pension, support for single parents and the distribution of scholarships.

“Every single promise made will be delivered with the help of God and strong work. You need not to second guess that,” President Ali assured residents.

He was joined by Minister of Governance and Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira, who is the geographical Member of Parliament (MP) for Bartica and the wider Region Seven.

She too took the opportunity to outline the work that the government has been doing in the region.

It includes the construction of a solar farm, upgrades to the Bartica Hospital, new schools, employment of Community Support Officers, provision of tractors and other vehicles such as ambulances.

The government has also taken steps to remove hurdles faced by miners in the region.

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