NAMILCO flours now ‘Made in Guyana’ certified


The National Milling Company of Guyana (NAMILCO) on Wednesday received its certificate from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) to use the ‘Made in Guyana’ certification mark on its Maid Marian self-rising flour and Thunderbolt wheat.

The registered mark was launched in October 2021 and aims to promote the recognition of locally manufactured products on local and international markets.

L-R: NAMILCO Quality Manager, Taijawattie William, NAMILCO Managing Director, Roonnarine ‘Bert’ Sukhai and Head GNBS Certification Services Department, Andrea Mendonca (Photo: GNBS/June 15, 2022)

Similar to the ‘Made in China’ seal, the ‘Made in Guyana’ aims to make products with this label easily identifiable, authentic Guyanese products.

It is issued by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) and is used to certify authentic Guyanese products based on the quantity of local raw materials and Guyanese labour used in the production process, among other criteria.

NAMILCO’s Quality Manager, Taijawattie William, explained that it was necessary that flour packets hold the label rather than only being packaged with the name, expiration date and ingredients.

She said the country of origin was not stated on the packaging and this can be misleading to persons. According to Williams, there have been instances whereby the product was mistaken for another and in many cases, the flour is thrown into plastic bags and sold at a cheaper cost but it is less than the amount.

“Because NAMILCO is the only flour mill in Guyana, consumers often assume that these flours are milled and packaged by NAMILCO. They are easily misled into thinking the flour is made in Guyana and expect to hold NAMILCO liable,” William explained.

And it is for this reason that NAMILCO decided to get certified with the ‘Made in Guyana’ seal.

At the certification ceremony, which was held at Park Rayne, Executive Director (ag) of the GNBS, Ramrattie Karan, welcomed NAMILCO onboard.

“For years, businesses have been calling for such a programme which provides a mark that differentiates their products based on key quality and other requirements.”

Meanwhile, John Edghill, the Director of Business at the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, said the seal is expected to generate confidence in authentic Guyanese products on the international market.

The Made in Guyana Certification is valid for one year and will be monitored through surveillance visits by the GNBS to ensure the approved quality is maintained.

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