GFF says ‘Unfinished Business’ Futsal event not sanctioned


See below statement from the Guyana Football Federation regarding the hosting of a Futsal event in the National Park on Saturday (June 18):

“The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) wishes to inform that it has not sanctioned or given approval for the conduct of the advertised “Unfinished Business” Futsal championship.

Consequently, the GFF is unaware of the tournament’s Rules and Regulations, security arrangements, and other critical aspects that are necessary before any approval can be given, protocols that are necessary to safeguard the integrity of the game and the safety of all.

The GFF reminds all stakeholders that under FIFA’s global structure of football governance and its Constitution, the GFF controls football in all its forms in Guyana. Therefore, the GFF regulations, under its Constitution, are in place to protect the interests and welfare of players, match officials, and coaches, and to safeguard the future development, good governance, and orderly organization of football.

The GFF seizes this opportunity to remind Regional Associations and all Affiliates of Article 13:1(h) of the GFF Constitution, which obligates Members’ Registered Players and Officials “not to maintain any relations of a sporting nature with entities (e.g. clubs, Leagues) that are not Members or Affiliates nor with Members that have been suspended or expelled.”

Additionally, Article 13:2 clearly states, “Violation of the above-mentioned obligations by any Member may lead to sanctions provided for in this constitution.”

Please, therefore, be advised that non-adherence to Article 13:1(h) may lead to sanctions to the guilty party.”

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