More durable works promised as new locally-owned concrete plant opens at Diamond


S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies, a local company known for its construction services across Guyana, has further diversified its portfolio, now making the concrete materials needed for its infrastructural works.

The company, through its subsidiary DCSN Manufacturing Incorporated, on Sunday commissioned a new prestressed concrete plant at Little Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD).

Through this plant, the company will be able to produce a wide array of concrete products, whether it is prestressed concrete piles and slabs, utility poles or hollow blocks.

The manufacturing company’s Managing Director Chaitanya Jagmohan explained that this concrete plant was created almost out of necessity.

The parent company, she related, had been awarded the contract to construct Lot Five of the Diamond to Eccles road project. That new carriageway features a modern concrete surface and Jagmohan said that the company was required to construct eight prestressed concrete bridges.

Officials were given a tour of the new concrete plant on Sunday (Photo: Ministry of Housing/ June 19, 2022)

Pretension piles and concrete slabs were needed for those bridges.

“We began by requesting quotations from local manufacturers for those items.

“The (unavailability), coupled with the price, backed us into the corner of innovation,” Jagmohan highlighted.

She added, “Here was an opportunity that matched our engineering strengths.”

It was previously reported that the S. Jagmohan was plugging some $273 million into the establishment of the concrete plant. And the Managing Director said that the conceptualisation and establishment of the plant took only three months.

The Jagmohan family commissioning the facility on Sunday. Also in photo is Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill (second from right), Indian High Commissioner Dr. KJ Srinivasa (left) and Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Paul Cheong (right) (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/ June 19, 2022)

At Sunday’s event, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill noted that prestressed concrete products are more durable, lasting decades more than cast-in-place concrete or even timber products.

Edghill spoke about the high cost of repairing infrastructural works overtime due to unavoidable “wear and tear”.

With the ongoing construction boom and infrastructural transformation in Guyana, he reasoned that better solutions are needed.

“With this technology and availability on the market, we can now have bridges for 50 years plus that could be installed in half or less than the time it took for normal construction,” he said, explaining the value of this new concrete plant.

Housing Minister Collin Croal added that in-country production of the much-needed materials will help local contractors to avoid supply delays and consequently, result in works completed in a timely manner.

This new concrete plant joins the parent company’s suite of ventures. Aside from construction and manufacturing, the company also has an asphalt and bitumen plant and a wharfing facility.

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