$600,000 in cash stolen from parked car on Church Street


A total of $600,000 belonging to the Phenotech company located at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, was on Monday stolen from a car while it was parked along Church Street, Georgetown.

Police Headquarters said the company’s administrator, 30-year-old Nickesha Garraway, who withdrew the money on the company’s behalf, made the report after she returned to the car and noticed it was broken into and the cash was missing.

The alleged larceny occurred sometime between 14:47hrs and 15:43hrs.

According to Garraway, she went to Scotia Bank on Carmichael Street where she withdrew $1,200,000 in cash from the company’s account and placed the money into a brown envelope.

According to her, upon entering the car, which was being driven by a 29-year-old male of Hadfield Street, Lodge, she placed the envelope into the glove compartment.

Garraway subsequently spent $600,000 and placed the remainder inside the glove compartment; she was then accompanied by the driver to Church Street, a short distance away from Waterloo Street. The driver parked and secured the car before they both exited.

The pair went to Regent Street where they continued shopping, however, upon returning to the car, they noticed that the left side quarter glass was broken and the car opened.

Garraway immediately made checks for the money but the brown envelope was found empty.

The police were summoned to the scene where the car was dusted for prints by crime scene ranks.

The police are still investigating.

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