Overtopping of creeks leads to flooding in Region Eight


Several homes in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) are affected by flooding caused by the overtopping of creeks due to heavy rainfall over a 24-hour period.

Danjou Hill is severely affected by the overtopping (Photo: Facebook)

The reports are coming from some 41 homes in communities within district two of the region.

Among the communities battling flood waters are Tumatumari, 7 Miles, Wrong Turn and Danjou Hill.

The Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Shaun Britton, on Tuesday told the News Room that teams are currently on the ground assessing the situation and will provide relief where it is most needed.

“We have flooding in sections of the community…there is a large amount of rainfall in certain sections of this drainage catchment. So the creeks are overtopping.

“One of it is passing the main access road to central Mahdia and it has caused this area to be underwater,” Britton told the News Room.

He explained that the creek in Central Mahdia runs parallel to the main access road and the houses there are affected by the overtopping.

The flooding has affected households and livestock. According to Britton, the water is about one feet in height and is flowing to about 500 meters along the road.

Guyana’s Hydromet office on Monday predicted thundershowers and rainfall over Regions 7, 8 and 10.

Other regions also experienced heavy rainfall; the June 21 weather forecast suggests coastal areas, and inland regions 7 and 10 will experience rainfall between 10 to 25 mm, all other areas between 30 to 60 mm.

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