Sister offers cop $280k bribe to release brother found with ganja


Seeranie Rameshwar of Schoonord, West Bank Demerara is in custody after she attempted to bribe the police with $280,000 to forego an investigation against her brother, Davanand Rambarran who was arrested on Tuesday.

Rambarran was caught handing over 481 grams of marijuana to a man identified as Nicholas Osborne.

On Tuesday at about 13:00hrs, based on information received, police ranks went to the Wales Public Road where they observed Rambarran of Vriesland, driving motorcar (PAB 228); he then handed over the narcotics to Osborne who was on a bicycle.

“[Osborne] was pursued by police ranks and apprehended along with the black bulky plastic bag.

“The bag was opened in his presence by a Police rank and found inside was a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis,” Police Headquarters said in a statement.

(Photo: Guyana Police Force)

A further search was carried out on Osborne and a suspected firearm was also found in his possession.

Rambarran was later arrested at his home at Vriesland.

Meanwhile, at about 14:35hrs on Tuesday, Rameshwar visited the Parfaite Harmonie Police Station and offered a police rank $300,000 to withdraw the offence against her brother.

According to the police report, the rank then informed a Cadet Officer of Rameshwar’s intention.

(Photo: Guyana Police Force)

“She came into the Criminal Investigations Department at Parfaite Harmonie Police Station and when she handed over the sum of money to the rank, she was arrested by a female rank,” the police said.

However, when the money was counted it only amounted to $280,000.

Police said the three persons remain in custody and are expected to be charged soon.

The 481 grams of marijuana (Photo: Guyana Police Force)
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