140 inmates graduate after completing training in various fields


A total of 140 inmates from the Lusignan and Mazaruni prisons have graduated after completing training courses in various programmes aimed at preparing them for reintegration into society.

The areas of training were agriculture, tailoring, animal husbandry, apiary culture, carpentry, joinery, literacy, art and craft, leather craft and culinary arts.

During remarks at the graduation ceremony held on Saturday at the Cecil Kilkenny Training School, Lusignan, Director of Prions Nicklon Elliot said the Prison Service has an obligation to provide prisoners with skills to facilitate their reintegration into society.

“Effective rehabilitation programmes within the prisons are important. Not only do they teach inmates a sense of self-worth, but they can also help inmates acquire new skills that can be applied to starting a new life following their release from prison and provide purposeful life goals,” Elliot said.

The Director of Prisons stated that the organisation remains confident that as the prison infrastructure continues to be developed, more inmates will benefit from such rehabilitative training.

He made it clear that rehabilitation of prisoners is an ongoing process.

Director of Prions Nicklon Elliot looks on at some of the items prepared by the prisoners

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent of Prisons (ag), Deoraj Gyandat said the Prison Service continues to adequately prepare inmates whether it is with skill or educational training so that when they are released back into society, they are productive citizens.

At the Mazaruni Prison Graduation which occurred simultaneously the Officer in Charge Prisoners’ Welfare and Corrections  echoed similar sentiments to those inmates.  “I wish to congratulate you all and assure you The Government  of Guyana and the Guyana Prison Service remains committed to rehabilitation, hence the variety of programs being made available across the various locations. Your commitment to these programs are noted and we are proud that you’re making this step to reform yourself” she said.

Mrs Bristol-Grant further stated that a total of 600 inmates have completed training thus far, with an additional 172 currently in the final weeks of classes.

Graduating prisoners along with officials of the Guyana Prison Service [Photo: Guyana Prison Service/ June 25, 2022]
 Senior Superintendent of Prisons Alexander Hopkinson expressed his hope that the inmates will continue to take advantage of these opportunities and encourage others to do the same. “Now that you have completed this journey more is expected of you he said”

Inmates relatives were present at both venues to show their support. (Press Release from the Guyana Prison Service)

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