Ramps Logistics claims matter with GRA settled


See below full statement issued by Ramps Logistics Guyana:

Response to Articles on GRA matter

On June 23rd 2022, we held a press conference highlighting that we were denied our Local Content Certificate.

At this Press conference, we provided evidence that we complied with the Local Content Act, and we kindly asked the Local Content Secretariat to give reasons why our Local Content Certificate was denied.

Just hours after this conference detailing how it affects over 400 of our employees, a few articles began circulating in both print and online media referencing an issue which occurred three months ago between Ramps Logistics Guyana (RLG) and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

As stated in our live Press Conference, we will continue to be transparent and provide all documents regarding this transaction to the public for them to judge for themselves. We want to make it known that this matter was settled between our lawyers and the GRA within a very short time of the actual incident.

Attached is our last communication to the GRA explaining and justifying our position. After this communication, the matter was settled and closed.

It is difficult not to associate the timing and publishing of these articles with the Press Conference held to address the concern of our Local Content certification. There will always be dark forces trying to take away from the prosperity of hard-working young people and the nation. We will remain an open and transparent company and do everything possible to make our team proud of the organisation we have all worked together to build.

We will always be compliant and continue to work closely with our employees, stakeholders and the government to build a bright and prosperous Guyana.

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