No standalone development: East Coast railway road may become four-lane highway


The double-lane East Coast Demerara (ECD) railway embankment, which is parallel to the Rupert Craig highway, could soon be expanded into a four-lane road to help counter growing traffic woes.

This road was formerly the British Guiana railway and it has served as an alternate carriageway for commuters for years. It begins at Sheriff Street in Georgetown and ends at Enmore, ECD.

Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, on Friday, disclosed that the government is seeking to upgrade this road.

“Right now, work is ongoing and discussions are ongoing on opening up a new four-land lane highway from Sheriff Street to Orange Nassau, with plans to go all the way to Rosignol,” the Finance Minister highlighted.

Orange Nassau is located some 30 miles away from Georgetown. Previously, the government committed to extending the railway embankment to Mahaica.

Already, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill related that works have been ongoing to upgrade the bridges along the railway embankment. What the government has been doing is replacing steel panels with more durable concrete structures– a move that could soon become the standard all across the country.

Aside from the potential development, the Finance Minister said that major infrastructural projects across the country are being undertaken to improve connectivity.

“Each one of these project must not be seen as standalone or isolated projects unconnected with an elaborate and comprehensive masterplan for the transformation for infrastructure across Guyana,” Dr. Singh stated.

As he spoke at the contract signing ceremony for the new Ogle to Eccles road link, he acknowledged that the ECD area is becoming increasingly congested as many more vehicles are traversing the Rupert Craig highway and the railway road daily.

With the highway’s recent expansion, the introduction of the new Ogle to Eccles road and potentially, a widening of the railway road, Dr. Singh posited that commuters on the East Coast will soon have significant relief.

These developments, he said, evidence the government’s focus on urban development and its “comprehensive plan for transport infrastructure”.

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  1. camo says

    The East Coast road is not a highway. Please build a real highway and end the road expansion in densely populated villages. Let’s allow the village remain somewhat quiet communities. A new highway south of all these communities with exits is the better option.

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