Hutson mulls quitting AAG; cites lack of support


Aubrey Hutson, who is in his third consecutive term as the President of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG), now called Athletics Guyana, is contemplating calling it quits due to what he says is a lack of support for the efficient functioning of the Association.

Hutson was re-elected in June 2021 when First Vice-President, Sheryl Hermonstine, conceded after four consecutive rounds of voting were tied 5-5.

Other elected Executives were Rtd. Colonel Paul Arthur (Second Vice-President), Dwayne Carter (Treasurer) and Elton Bollers (Assistant Treasurer).

The Committee Members are Keith Campbell, Linden Phillips, Telson Williams, Nial Stanton and Major Tyron Smith.

The Secretary and Assistant Secretary are appointed by the Executive, and it is understood, that Bollers, a former national athlete, moved to the position of Secretary, while Mayfield Taylor-Trim is Assistant Secretary and Carla Hoppie is now Assistant Treasurer.

During his victory speech, Hutson stated that the only way to move the sport forward was for a functioning executive where everyone does his/her part.

A year later, the 58-year-old businessman is echoing the same sentiments, but this time he is warning he may take an exit from the executive.

“If certain dynamics in the AAG does not change as it relates to the composition of the AAG, I think I may have to walk, because you cannot give me a basket to fetch water,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the Senior National Championships at Leonora on Sunday.

“You all know, you come to this track every time there is a track event and you see me working diligently. How many more of my colleagues who are elected do you see how out here? Here in lies the problem, we have a lot of talkers and less workers…”

Hutson is adamant that more people in the Association need to play their part if they want to see the sport grow, noting, “…unless people are prepared to come out here and work and do the necessary leg work that is important for the furtherance of this sport [then] it is not going to happen.”

“Aubrey Hutson has to mount cameras, be the Competition Director, and has to deal with what are the athletes going to wear going to the Caribbean Games tomorrow [Monday], and all those questions come together.

“So, somebody else on the council who knows that is their role needs to deal with it, they have to do what they have to do. Just like how the clubs would have re-elected me as president, they elected them, and it is not like I have a cabinet where I can fire people, but unless the composition of that team changes, I will have to go.”

In terms of a definitive course of action as it regards a potential exit from the council, Hutson said, he will refer to the constitution for guidance, but did present the notion of a club “moving a no-confidence motion against the executive.”

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