Full compensation for affected Mon Repos vendors

-Pres. Ali assures Buxton residents justice will be served


Vendors who were beaten, robbed and had their property damaged during a protest action at Mon Repos market, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday, have been assured by President Dr Irfaan Ali that they will be fully compensated for their losses.

During a meeting with the vendors following the looting, President Ali told them that officials are already assessing the damage and will make contact with those who have been affected.

“I want to assure you that you will be fully compensated.

President Dr Irfaan Ali and vendors at the Mon Repos Market (Photo: Office of the President/June 28, 2022)

“But more importantly, those who caused the harm, must and will be brought to justice. As of now, all of us have a responsibility to restore calm, to restore order and to ensure that we continue to bring normalcy,” President Ali told the angry vendors.

He pleaded with them to clear the roadways and to let the police investigate the matter.

“Let us not let people disrupt the development of our country.

“We’re trying to build a strong Guyana in which we are all united. Let us not be sidetracked. The police have already started their work,” the Head of State said.

But some vendors pleaded with the President to assure them that there will not be a recurrence.

“How will we avoid a recurrence, Mr President?” one resident asked.

President Dr Irfaan Ali comforts Tularam Ramkarran whose minibus was set on fire (Photo: Office of the President/June 28, 2022)

In response, President Ali promised to return to Mon Repos to discuss with residents ways in which they can strengthen community policing and intelligence gathering.

“Stay calm and allow the police to do their work,” the President pleaded.

Meanwhile, at Buxton, President Ali assured residents that the shooting death of 23-year-old Quindon Bacchus on June 10 by a plainclothes policeman is under active investigation and should be completed soon.

Residents were protesting the killing of Bacchus at Haslington, during an alleged undercover police operation. But this protest, which commenced at Golden Grove, extended to several East Coast Demerara communities.

It was at the Mon Repos market that it turned violent; a minibus and several stalls were set on fire and vendors were beaten and robbed.

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    For a while now I have been advocating full compensation for all victims of these types of protest violence only to be invariably met with stony silence from PPP officials and ministers. Even Pres Ali never replied. Actually I am advocating 110% – 125% compensation, 100% for loss and 10-25% for trauma and inconvenience. I am pleased to see the Pres is now taking steps in this direction.
    The other question is how to stop or significantly reduce the bullyism of mostly Indian people. The PPP have been in power so long and have seen this bullyism for decades yet still cannot come up with a viable plan. This is shameful. The Indian people are being brutalized regularly. They don’t have guns to defend themselves and at least level the playing field. Why must the Indian people always bear the brunt of any protest which is perceived to be anti-PPP? I have solutions but my solutions are tough and the PPP don’t have the stomach for it. So the PPP have to come up with a solution. Pres Ali must act on this as quickly as he did when that person called for his murder. This nonsense must stop! Indian lives matter! Free the Indians! Down with the bullies who are also cowards!

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