After 8 years behind bars ‘Two Colours’ freed of hairdresser’s murder


After spending the last eight years on remand, Lennox Wayne known as ‘Two Colours’ was on Tuesday freed of the 2014 execution-style murder of Lusignan hairdresser, Ashmini Hariram.

Wayne was before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow and was facing his third retrial at the Georgetown High Court for the capital offence.

A 12-member jury, on Tuesday afternoon, unanimously found him not guilty of murdering Hariram on July 10, 2014, at Lusignan, Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara.

Justice Barlow, during her address to the court, advised Wayne to turn over a new leaf and learn from his experience being imprisoned.

In 2017, the murder case was first tried before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow but ended in a hung jury.

In 2021, due to a constitutional motion filed by Wayne, the case came up before Justice Sandil Kissoon, but the 12-member jury failed to arrive at a verdict.

In April 2021, Wayne’s co-accused, Melroy Doris, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to five years.

Doris was the prosecution’s star witness in the State’s case against Wayne.

According to reports, Wayne is alleged to be the triggerman, while his co-accused Doris, is alleged to be the taxi driver.

Doris reportedly drove Wayne to the location and pointed out 18-year-old Hariram, who was walking along the Lusignan Railway Embankment with a female friend.  Hariram was shot in the head.

During Wayne’s trial, Justice Barlow admitted into evidence a caution statement in which he told investigators that Doris offered him a “wuk” to execute Hariram and promised to pay him $2.5M.

However, Wayne, in his statement said he never received the payment. Wayne had denied giving any statement to the police.

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