Gov’t to relocate, build houses for flood-affected Kokerite residents


Ten families in Kokerite, Region One (Barima Waini) have welcomed a home relocation offer by the Ministry of Housing and Water following constant and severe flooding in the community.

Brentnol Ashely, the Regional Chairman, told the News Room that over 30 families occupy houses that are badly affected by flooding in the area and as a result, the government has offered to build 10 houses for the residents in the same community but on higher grounds.

The community has over 30 households along the river bank. The village council and residents have identified the ten families who are most in need to benefit.

High wooden homes at Kokerite surrounded by floodwaters (DPI/ June 28, 2022)

He said that residents had been seeking higher grounds to take up residence.

“This lot [ten families] is affected quite often but as a result, they’ve been experiencing severe flooding constantly. And so, they have taken the decision, in fact, is with the initiative of the people of the village that they should move to higher ground. They themselves would have already located the land on which they will build their homes for them to relocate,” Ashely said.

The Regional Chairman explained that heavy rainfall in the region continues to affect residents and their livelihoods.

“Well last year, during the rainy season, they were affected and they are affected again now during this really season and it came worse than it was before…we’re currently assessing all communities across the region and then we’ll be able to see which other community will require the help,” he said.

Residents at Kokerite engaging the Housing and Water Ministry (DPI/ June 28, 2022)

The Ministry of Housing and Water, through the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), on Monday announced that it will be constructing the first 10 houses for families in Kokerite as part of efforts to permanently relocate residents from flood-prone areas.

Subject minister, Collin Croal, who has geographical responsibility for the area, was conducting an assessment of villages along the Barama River when he said that the wooden elevated homes will be built under the Hinterland Housing Programme.

Each unit will cost approximately $3 million. This project will see at least 20 people from the area being employed to carry out the work and sourcing for materials will also be from the area.

Supplies have also been given to households at Chinese Landing. In addition, several communities countrywide have received relief supplies since being inundated as the rainy season persists.

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