Guyana, Brazil ink agreements to fight crime, strengthen security


With the intent to strengthen bilateral co-operations between Guyana and Brazil, two Cooperation Agreements were signed between the two countries at the recently concluded inaugural ministerial meeting against Transnational Organized Crime in South America, held, in Brazil.

The agreements were inked to increase cooperation to combat transnational organised crime and to fight and enforce additional preventative measures against illegal narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; terrorism; trafficking in persons; smuggling of wildlife; gold and minerals; trafficking of firearms; ammunition; explosives; money laundering; forgery and cybercrimes.

Additionally, the agreements will also facilitate the exchange of information on public security, prevention and the fight against organized crime, a press release from the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday noted.

The information-sharing objectives of the agreement will also include the exchange of knowledge, expertise, information, technology, research, and scientific development in both countries, the release added.

In these respects, the agreements will not only promote building capacities among police officers but will also foster alliances to allow the two countries to promote the exchange of specialized equipment and technology while developing the exchange of information in accordance with national and international legislation.

The agreements will also act on and offer technical and scientific support in order to render specific actions for investigations.

The Cooperation Agreements are intended to enhance and strengthen security within and between the two neighbouring countries, the press release noted.

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