Swift action as road signs painted along Aubrey Barker Road, drainage works to follow


Days after residents in South Georgetown pressed a ministerial team in the area to conduct specific road and drainage upgrades, the fruits of their pleas are being manifested.

Already, requested road signs were painted and installed at the intersection of Aubrey Barker and High Palm Road (Tucville Bridge).

A massive drainage intervention that will follow is expected to bring relief to the entire flood-prone South Georgetown.

The News Room returned to the area on Wednesday and spoke to resident and businesswoman Keisha Elliott who said she was happy with the government’s response.

At last Thursday’s meeting, Elliott had asked for road signs to be installed at the intersection by Tucville Bridge.

“On the corner of Aubrey Barker Road and Tucville Bridge, we needed a stop sign there because there is traffic that just fly past. Nobody stops, there are so many accidents since we’ve been here on this corner,” she said.

Road signs – pedestrian crossing and stop signs – have since been painted on the roads but Elliott explained that people are not acknowledging them.

Construction work commenced at David Rose Street, South Ruimveldt (Photo: News Room/June 29, 2022)

“Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill and the other ministers made a great effort and they did present us with stop signs on the corner of Aubrey Barker Road and Tucville Bridge. We are grateful for that here.

“The sign on the road is not exactly going to be working for this intersection because we have never had one so persons are not even acknowledging that there is the painted sign on the road,” she further related.

Elliott added, “I am reaching out to you guys that if we can get the stop sign that actually stands up so persons can acknowledge those signs because the ones right now, that you provided, it’s not serving the purpose.”

While in the area, the News Room observed that drivers were indeed not adhering to the newly installed stop sign.

Elliott said the signs were placed on Monday and they have since faded due to constant rainfall this week.

The stop sign painted along the intersection at Aubrey Barker Road and Tucville bridge (Photo: News Room/June 29, 2022)

Meanwhile, the reconstruction of David Rose Street as promised by the Housing and Water Ministry, has started.

The street was in a deplorable state and earlier this month Housing and Water Minster Collin Croal met with residents and promised that works would commence.

The rehabilitative works will be at David Rose Street, Greenheart Street and Caneview Avenue – costing $67 million. The reconstruction which will see asphalt roads be built is expected to be completed by the ending of July.

The government plans to spend roughly $40 million to desilt about 21 drains that are parallel to alleyways and streets in various parts of South Georgetown.

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